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15 May 1998




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  Manic-Depression: Voices Of An Illness
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Narrated by Academy and Emmy Award winner Patty Duke, this is the first major documentary to feature people with manic-depressive illness telling their own stories in their own words. The program features nine people with the mood disorder--including a Fortune 500 executive, a nurse, a high school teacher, a therapist, and Patty Duke herself--describing their efforts to stabilize the disorder's effect on their lives.

Patty Duke The documentary examines the difficulties in obtaining a correct diagnosis and treatment, the impact on the family, personal and social stigma, cutting-edge research into new medications and treatments, as well as discussions with patients in various phases of the illness. It provides a message of hope and recovery.

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National Public Radio stations described "Manic Depression: Voices of An Illness" as "unlike any program of its kind... Brilliant... Extraordinary." The documentary has received an "unprecedented" listener response according to National Public Radio's Audience Services and is the winner of eight major broadcast journalism awards.


"Thank you" to the following underwriters for helping to make this project possible:

  • Abbott Laboratories
  • The Matz Foundation-Edelman Division
  • CMHC Systems, Inc.
  • American Mental Health Fund
  • The Foundation for Depression and Manic Depression
  • New York Mood Disorder Support Group


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