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  The Infinite Mind

The Infinite Mind is a weekly, public radio program focusing on the art and science of the human mind and spirit, behavior, and mental health. The series is hosted by Dr. Fred Goodwin, formerly the nation's "top psychiatrist" as director of the National Institute of Mental Health, and the world's leading expert on manic depression. He is joined by John Hockenberry, one of public radio's and television's most respected voices, who offers weekly commentaries. The Infinite Mind is produced by the Peabody Award-winning Lichtenstein Creative Media in association with WNYC, New York, and is now airing in more than 150 public radio markets. As the level of America's interest in the mind continues to soar, The Infinite Mind is the only national broadcast focusing on these issues, week in and week out.

In addition to leading researchers and practitioners of psychology and psychiatry, The Infinite Mind features notable guests who appeal to the widest possible audience. They include:

  • John Updike on insomnia

  • Suzanne Vega (with guitar) on suicide
  • Beirut hostage Terry Anderson on forgiveness

  • Dr. Andrew Weil on food for the brain

  • Dr. Larry Dossey on prayer, the mind and healing

  • Rosalynn Carter on her work with the mentally ill

  • George Plimpton on sports psychology

  • Wade Boggs on the psychology of hitting a fast ball

  • Robert Klein, Margaret Cho, and the Firesign Theatre on humor

  • Spalding Gray on Dreams and Language in Popular Culture

  • Oliver Sacks on Tourette's Syndrome

  • Dimitri Nabokov, son of Vladamir Nabokov on synesthesia in his family.

Winner of 16 major broadcast and health awards including

National Headliner Award

National Mental Health Assocation Media Award

Two Clarion Awards from the Association for Women in Communication.

Three EDI Awards from the National Easter Seal Society.

Four time winner of Unity Award in Media including special Millennium Award for The Infinite Mind.

International Radio Festival Award for John Hockenberry's weekly commentaries.

Epilepsy Foundation Distinguished Journalism Award.

New York Press Club Best Feature Award.

Deadline Club Award from Sigma Delta Chi, Society of Professional Journalists.


  What Radio Stations Are Saying About The Infinite Mind
"WAMU is pleased to offer such fine, award-winning programming to our listeners in the greater Washington community. Topics related to the development of the human mind affect each of us in very personal ways. We are proud to be associated with a show of this caliber."
- Susan Clampitt, Executive Director, WAMU Washington, DC

"I was surprised how much people are interested in the topics. The program approaches its topics with new angles, new ideas and new solutions. It is a godsend to our listeners, a real lifeline."
- Mario Valdes, Station Manager, KRCC, Colorado Springs, CO

"One of the most intelligent shows on the air. The day The Infinite Mind airs here is very chaotic, but I always try to stop and listen during that one-hour. One of the reasons public radio exists, is for shows like this."
- John Best, Director of Operations, KACU, Abilene, TX

"I'm excited about getting The Infinite Mind on the air. As far as I'm concerned it is one of the best programs available on public radio."
- Phil Easley, Station Manager WEMC Shenandoah Valley, Virginia
What Listeners and Others Are Saying About The Infinite Mind
"The Infinite Mind stands out for the broad range of topics addressed and for the rare blend of in-depth consideration and understandability that you continue to bring to many complex issues. Your consistently lively and always informed guests and, of course [program host Dr. Goodwin's] own long experience as a neuroscientist, a clinical investigator, and a practicing psychiatrist are establishing The Infinite Mind as an important - even essential - source of information for all Americans."
- Steven E. Hyman, M.D., Director of the National Institute of Mental Health

"The kind of education you are doing will give the general public a better understanding about the wonderful and complex nature of the brain in a very understandable, user-friendly way. Keep up the good work. What you are doing is very important."
-- Rita M., Los Angeles

"I especially enjoyed tonight's broadcast on Attention Deficit Disorder heard on WABE/Atlanta. My daughter has it, and I have always suspected that I have it, though I have never been diagnosed. I taped the show to send my daughter. Keep up the good work. The program is terrific."
-- Joe U., Atlanta

"Your The Infinite Mind work benefits us greatly, every time y'all have a show, the next day we are inundated with calls from people who have let down their stigma guard to let us give them information to help, even if they don't come to us. Our psychiatrists have also remarked lately how much they have appreciated this effort."
-- Kay B., psychiatric RN, Texas


The Infinite Mind is a not-for profit production of Lichtenstein Creative Media, produced in association with the New York Foundation for the Arts. Your support is essential to the success of this series.

Our thanks to the underwriters of this program.