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  If I Get Out Alive (Narrated by Diane Keaton)RAListen to this program now
If I Get Out Alive...

Dad, I'm really scared.
Scared that I will die in here.

-- Rodney Hulin, 16, writing to his father from an adult prison in Texas.

Every day in prisons across the United States, kids are fighting for their lives.

They're locked in mortal combat with adult criminals who are bigger, stronger, meaner and much tougher. Some kids will survive, and come out of prison with all the mean, tough survival skills that prison life teaches. Some kids won't.

Rodney Hulin didn't.

Sixteen years old, Rodney Hulin was beaten and raped so often in a Texas adult prison that he hung himself in his cell. He lay in a coma for four months, and finally died. Rodney Hulin is not alone.