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  Depression: Voices Of An Illness
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This one-hour program features a Harvard professor, an engineer, a high school student, among others, telling their stories of struggle and triumph over this common, yet often unrecognized and untreated brain disorder that affects one out of every ten Americans.

Rod Steiger In addition, mental health experts, including researchers from the National Institute of Mental Health and elsewhere, highlight groundbreaking new medications and talk therapies which are having a remarkable success in helping people with clinical depression return to healthy lives. Academy Award-winner Rod Steiger adds his own voice to the others, sharing his personal battle with clinical depression.

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The third in the Peabody Award-winning series, "Depression: Voices of An Illness," has aired on over 250 National Public Radio and selected commercial stations across the country since its premiere in National Mental Health Month, May 1996. The program has won an EDI Award from The National Easter Seals Society for promoting the "equality, dignity and independence of people with disabilities," and the American Psychiatric Association's prestigious Robert L. Robinson Award. The National Institute of Mental Health hailed the "Voices of An Illness" series for "truly setting new standards of creativity and scientific accuracy in broadcast journalism."


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