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The Infinite Mind: Cyber Bullying

Week of November 22, 2002
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Teenagers nowadays have easy access to to social networking sites and to the internet. They can also get their hands on different gadgets easily. This has its own advantages, like being able to communicate with their friends and family easily, but it also has its disadvantages. This makes the teenagers susceptible not just to cyber crimes but also but also to other incidents such as cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is one of the most common things that teenagers do or experience when they go online. It is defined as the use of modern technology to harrass or humiliate someone or in simpler terms, “online bullying”. There were recent studies that shows that 20% of teenagers admitted that they took part in cyberbullying someone at some point in their lives. The statistics are not as alarming, however, cyberbullying is still an issue that we should all deal with since it was proven to have harmful effects to the self-esteem of the victim. Everyone can be a victim of cyberbullying. Even kids with autism are victimized by it. For instance, there was a report that a kid in Melbourne who has autism has been a victim of cyberbullying through Facebook. She initially created the Facebook account to keep in touch with her sisters who live across the country and across the globe. Unfortunately, there were some kids who sent her hate messages on Facebook, calling her names and even telling her to kill herself. This has affected the girl so much, but thankfully her parents were able to help her on it. They talked to her openly and tried to discuss the situation. They also reassured their child that it is nit their fault that the bullying took place, and that things will get better soon. Parents should help their children to get rid of cyberbullies. They should talk to them and guide them through this. Their support and love will help them practically and emotionally.

For more information on cyber bullying prevention visit the Raising Children Network.

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